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  1. Besides on my computer the video is not synced with the audio, I have found watching these well worth my time, and plan to finish all the courses offered shortly.
    Now on the section dealing with Harley’s I understand why you would want to have the crossover set at H/P and not A/P. I get that. I set mine a tick or two under the 80hz but have found this is also a perfect time to get the customer involved by letting him into the bay and explain what this setting is and what it actually does and tell him/her I can configure this in a number of ways but each carry risk and responsibility of the owner with regards to possible damage to the speakers by over driving them into distortion. Because we can’t test the various settings while under power it’s now when I get into the customers brain about how he/she has some responsibility in this whole affair. They become engaged, so to speak, which I have found, especially with Harley DINKS (Double Income No KidS) they love to be involved in things of this nature. I start by saying these are the settings Rockford recommends but if your wanting some more “punch” I can turn the set point lower but be aware of what this is doing. By doing it this way I have cut my incidence’s of failure more than 60% because they were part of the decision and knew the risks. These guys are freaks like that and when allowed in seeing how the magic happens with his bike tore down I hand over to him/her the responsibility key putting it in their lap. By them having a little more than a cursory knowledge of what all we are doing they themselves can make the best decision. More often than not they go with the recommended settings and even those that don’t understand why it’s their actions and not Rockford’s or my shops because the speakers failed. Hell no they come back in wanting better speakers and knowing why he is responsible for causing the failure and not thinking our products are defective and not designed for the purpose. This is beyond critical with these freaks. The more involved they are, the more they know, the more they appreciate just how good this Rockford Fosgate gear is. Just saying. Sorry for the wall of text too.

  2. thanks for the informative videos. simple and to the point, I like that fact that if I need a refresher then I can come here and just watch the vids.
    Now I want a video on that 19 inch sub!?????

  3. These courses are very helpful, and I’ve learned a lot of little details that I didn’t know about some of the products. Great information to give to my customers.
    I think some information about your BoxWizard and/or WiringWizard would be helpful as well. Maybe explain the benefits of using Rockford Fosgate wiring vs. competitors wiring? Also, you guys can make a course on why having sufficient voltage to your system is critical to it’s performance, such as capacitors and proper gauge wiring.
    Most information on the website seems self-explanatory, but I’m sure many people will find it helpful!

  4. Love the videos! Something I would love to see is designing and building a large multi sub and multi amp system. With do’s and don’ts.. and tips and tricks to get the most out of a system.

  5. Looks like I’m a bit late to the game but I noticed that while watching all of the new videos and taking the quizzes my account doesn’t register which ones I have taken and not. I have finished them all for the 2015 products it just doesn’t tell me they are finished. I loved the videos and learned a lot from them and that means a lot being a newly certified installer

  6. I just attended your RTTI training and as I was my first traning in years it was well worth the time and drive to come and see your facility it make me excited for the future in this industry especially being an authorized dealer for you. I hope to return in the future for more knowledge and behind the scenes with you. I feel that the time I have been in this industry I haven’t learned as much as I should but I have a new found fire to learn so much more so thank you so mush for having me.

  7. Thanks for the courses. I think a course on the accessories would be awesome. I liked the blue tooth and audio streaming class. So I think we need something like that on the wiring the control knobs and other interfaces that Rockford offer. The courses have been wonderful keep it up.

  8. Am I the only one having trouble viewing the video on the “Power T3-BMW Direct Fit Subwoofer” lesson?
    All it tells me is that the video is private.

    Other than that, great informative courses! Keep it up!

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