Rockford Fosgate
Sales and Installation Training

Authorized Dealer Training

20 thoughts on “Rockford Fosgate
Sales and Installation Training”

  1. There is so much useful information in these trainings little things that one could easily overlook
    Having the correct answers and soulutions for customers immediately can make or break your sale
    With any potential customer
    Thank you for making these videos

    Joey Peralta

  2. I’ve completed all 27 training’s, however, my badges only show 26. I believe, I’ve located the problem but I’m locked out of the “2015 Rockford Fosgate Product Overview: Element Ready Source Units- Course.” It shows completed but I can no longer see the PMX2B lesson.

    Besides that, This is a great why to keep everyone abreast of current and past products.

    1. Hi Sean Odani,

      If the “2015 Rockford Fosgate Product Overview: Element Ready Source Units” is the only course you’re missing, I can unenroll you, which should allow you to retake the course and earn your badge. Is that something you would like me to do?

      -Eric Russell

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